Deaf eSports CUP Information for international

Everyone who is interested in e-sport - from July 27 to July 30, Ufa will host the first International Deaf E-sport Cup in events:

- Dota 2 (1 country -1 team)

- CS:GO (1 country - 1 team)

- FIFA (1 country - 2 players)

Terms of participation:

- submit your Entry Form by 23 June 2023;

- passport copy and Audiogram.

-To receive a visa invitation, write an e-mail to us, we will send you a visa invitation

-You need to scan your passport and fill out an application

photo reference deaf

-You need to scan your passport and fill out an application on a computer or smartphone

photo help deaf and send the specified email

-We will then send you an invitation letter.

-Participants of the Games, whose age at the start of the Games is under 18, must obtain a notarized permission to participate from their parents

other legal representatives of the athlete.

You need to scan your country's passport, disability certificate, indicate the type of game, in which country you live
-all documents send e-mail: -After submitting the application, we will send an invitation and a visa

 and visa, then we confirm for participation in the deaf esports cup!

You can see the application form and confirmation of the position for the Summer Deaflympics Games

Our company is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, so we try to contact you and provide information based on Russian sources. If you are unsure whether we are an official organization, we recommend contacting the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country. You can ask this official representation about the existence of the OSFSG, which conducts the Summer Deaflympic Games "We Are Together Sport 2023" in Ufa. If the answer is affirmative, you can ask the embassy any question you are interested in, and they will provide you with the necessary information.
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